HC Deb 09 February 1926 vol 191 c838
60. Mr. LOWTH

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the amount of taxation per head of the population in respect of each of the following services: the Army, Navy, Air Force, education, public health, war pensions, old age pensions, and Civil Service administration?


With the hon. Member's permission, I will circulate a statement in reply to this question.

Following is the statement:

It is impossible to state what proportion of the expenditure on any particular service is met out of taxation as opposed to other sources of revenue. The net expenditure on the services named provided for in the original Estimates of the present financial year, divided by the population taken as 44,000,000, works out as follows:

1925–26 Original Estimates. Cost per head of population.
£ £ s. d.
Army 44,500,000 1 0
Navy 60,500,000 1 7 6
Air Force 15,513,000 7
Education Grants 46,916,000 1 1 4
Public Health, Unemployment Insurance and Housing. 32,417,000 14
War Pensions (excluding Administration). 63,623,000 1 8 11
Old Age Pensions (excluding Administration). 26,794,000 12
Civil Service Administration (excluding Post Office and Revenue Departments).- 12,846,000 5 10

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