HC Deb 08 February 1926 vol 191 cc642-3

asked the Home Secretary the number of police employed each day during the seven days ending the 30th January in regulating the new taximeter cab rank passing through Buckingham Palace Road, Eccleston Square, and the adjoining streets supplying Victoria Station with taximeter cabs; what was the cost of these officers so employed during that week; whether any charge has been made against the Southern Railway Company in respect thereof; and, if not, whether he will consider whether such a charge should be made in view of the fact that the services rendered are to enable the railway company to conduct their business?


The Commissioner tells me that the new arrangements involve a net saving amounting to nearly the time of two men. It is necessary at present to employ one additional officer in the Eccleston Square neighbourhood to regulate the ranks, but as a set off it has been possible to reduce the number of men formerly employed in the neighbourhood of the Wilton Road entrance. It is not the practice to charge railway companies with the cost of the police employed in regulating the traffic in the neighbourhood of stations, and I do not think such a charge would be justified.


Does the right hon. Gentleman realise that, for instance, about 10 days ago over 1,000 taximeter cabs passed a private house in one day, and therefore he might be an accessory to a considerable nuisance to residents in the neighbourhood?


That is a different question. My hon. Friend asked a question as to the police, and I have given him an answer.