HC Deb 13 December 1926 vol 200 cc2558-9

asked the Prime Minister whether, seeing that the present law enfranchises practically only those women over 30 who are either occupiers of houses or the wives of occupiers and excludes the great majority of professional women, three-quarters of whom are under 30 and a large number of whom are in unfurnished rooms, and that if women are to vote on equal terms with men at any General Election which may take place before October, 1928, the necessary legislation would have to reach the Statute Book before June, 1927, he will take steps at an early date to remove this inequality between men and women which does not exist in the Dominions?


I do not know why the hon. Member contemplates an election before October, 1928, but as I have previously stated all the aspects of the question of women franchise are at present under consideration by the Government.


Does the Prime Minister recollect that the Home Secretary stated that we were to have a conference of all parties in 1926 on this question; and is it the intention of the Government to convene such a conference?


I do not remember that, but the hon. Member will also remember that a great deal has happened in 1926 which was not foreseen when that statement was made.

Captain BENN

Is it not a fact that the Home Secretary persuaded the House not to give a Second Reading to a Private Member's Bill on the pledge that such a conference would be called?