HC Deb 08 December 1926 vol 200 cc2106-7
36. Mr. NAYLOR

asked the Minister of Transport if he will consider the advisability of appointing a committee of inquiry into possible methods of preventing street accidents due to the increasing dangers of motor traffic?

Colonel ASHLEY

As far as the London traffic area is concerned, the London Traffic Advisory Committee are giving constant attention to the question of the steps which can usefully be taken to reduce the number of street accidents. I dill awaiting a report from the Committee on the result of a special investigation into the most effective measures to be taken to make the streets safer for pedestrians. As regards the country as a whole, the question is under constant review, and many steps have been taken by my Department, by the highway authorities and by the police, to reduce so far as practicable the risk of street accidents by such means as the laying down of "white lines," the improvement of blind corners, the erection of street refuges and the improvement of the kerb lines at road junctions.

I may also refer to the valuable educational work carried out by the National "Safety First" Association. In the circumstances I would prefer to wait until I have received the Report of the London Traffic Advisory Committee on the problem as it presents itself in London, before deciding whether any useful purpose would be served lay appointing any special committee of inquiry.

70. Captain BRASS

asked the Home Secretary whether, in view of the increasing number of motor accidents in the London streets and the greatly-increased efficiency of four-wheel brakes, he will consider a modification of the old Metropolitan Police Order which still prohibits a four-wheel-brake chassis from being licensed as a taximeter cab in the Metropolitan police area?


The Commissioner of Police announced recently in a Press communique that he is prepared to consider the application of any four-wheel braking system to licensed motor cabs.

Captain BRASS

Is my hon. and gallant. Friend aware that practically all taxicabs in Paris have four-wheel brakes?


Yes, I am aware of that fact, and we have had an Inspector from Scotland Yard in Paris investigating the problem on the spot.

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