HC Deb 06 December 1926 vol 200 cc1668-9
62. Mr. RHYS

asked the Minister of Transport the estimated cost of the flyover at Stratford, for which the London and North Eastern Railway Company has obtained Parliamentary sanction?

Colonel ASHLEY

I am informed by the railway company that the estimated cost of the fly-over junction at Stratford, together with certain ancillary works authorised by the company's Act of 1924, was £1,188,000, and that these works form part only of a scheme which, so far as can be seen from the estimates at present prepared, will involve a total expenditure approaching £3,000,000.

63. Sir F. WISE

asked the Minister of Transport if the London and North Eastern Railway Company is constructing the fly-over at Stratford for which Parliament allowed the company to raise money against this expenditure?

Colonel ASHLEY

The railway company have informed me that in view of the large expenditure involved they are considering whether there is any alternative scheme which could he carried out at less cost.


As this was specially recommended in the Traffic Report, may I ask whether the right hon. Gentleman will press on the railway the necessity of seeing that it is carried out?

Colonel ASHLEY

My hon. Friend knows that this is not a very propitious moment to press the railway companies to increase capital expenditure.


Is it not really a case of increasing the interest on the issue, and they would get their money?


Does the right hon. Gentleman not recollect that when the Bill granting these powers was discussed in this House, the representatives of the railway company stated that one of the reasons why they were anxious to get on with the work was to provide work for the unemployed?

Colonel ASHLEY

Yes; but the hon. Gentleman has forgotten that there has been a coal strike since—


A lock-out!