HC Deb 06 December 1926 vol 200 c1831

I beg to move, in page 4, line 20, at the end, to insert the words, whether part of the building or unconnected with any building. This Clause, in defining the word "chimney," says: The expression 'chimney' shall include structures and openings of any kind whatsoever capable of emitting smoke. In towns where there are gardens attached to houses, there is a practice of burning garden refuse in incinerators, and more noxious fumes arise from this than from a chimney where clean coal is being burned. I desire to add these words in order to make sure that we shall include within the scope of the Bill all such forms of the generation of smoke.


I beg to second the Amendment,.


I think we have stretched the meaning of the word "chimney" rather far in the Bill already—" structures or openings of any kind "—and to stretch if further would be going beyond what is suitable. If the hon. Member had thought of this Amendment earlier, and put it down on the Order Paper, and had given me some little chance of considering the matter, I might have been able to meet him, but I cannot accept the Amendment at this stage.


I would only point out that it is possible to have smoke without any opening from the building. There is such a thing as an underground chimney. There is one downstairs, and from it you could make an opening into the park at the end of the House of Lords. I wish to check evasions of that kind.

Amendment negatived.