HC Deb 01 December 1926 vol 200 cc1171-2

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs why the British authorities in Tientsin have arrested 14 of the members of the Kuomintang; and what has been done with the persons arrested?

13. Mr. VIANT

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs is he is aware that the British municipal police at Tientsin raided the Kuomintang headquarters, situated in the British concession; and for what purpose was the raid effected and if there were any arrests?


I propose to answer these questions together. At the direct request of the Chinese police authorities of the native city of Tientsin, the headquarters of the Kuomintang were raided by the British municipal police, and four persons suspected of conspiracy against law and order and inciting to commit a breach of the peace were arrested. They were handed over by the British Consul-General to the Chinese authorities. It is the established practice that Chinese residing in British concessions in China are deemed to be subject to the jurisdiction of their own authorities. On production of a warrant issued by the competent Chinese authority the British Consul does not interpose himself between any such Chinese and their own authorities, but hands them over immediately without demanding prima facie evidence of a criminal offence. The action taken in this case was in accordance with this practice.


Were they handed over to the civil or the military authority?


I cannot say without notice. The ordinary practice was followed.