HC Deb 01 December 1926 vol 200 cc1175-6

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, with reference to

The numbers of British, American, Japanese and French Warships in Chinese waters are as follow:—
British. American. Japanese. French.
Cruisers 4* 1 1 1
Aircraft Carriers 1
Destroyers 9 8 1
Minesweepers 2† 1‡ 1
Depot Ships
Submarines 12
Sloops 4
River Gunboats 15 9 10 6
Launches 3
Surveying Ships 2
Yachts 1
Special Service Ships 1
Despatch Vessels 1
* One other cruiser ("Durban") is absent from the station at the present time, but is now en route for China, and is due at Hong Kong on 15th January.
† One is employed as a Despatch Vessel, and the other as a Submarine Tender.
‡ American minesweepers are sometimes referred to as gunboats or minesweeping gunboats.
§ Includes "Tamar" which is a stationary bulk at Hong Kong.

Details of Warships in excess of numbers usually stationed in Chinese waters and their time of arrival.

British.—The aircraft carrier and the destroyers are reinforcements which joined the China Squadron in October.

American.—The Americans have had in Chinese waters:

in excess of normal since the beginning of October.

French.—There has been no addition to the Far Eastern Division this year.

the joint naval action of the Powers in China, how many British, French, American, and Japanese warships, respectively, are now in Chinese waters; how many of these warships are in excess of the numbers of foreign warships usually stationed in Chinese waters when these additional warships were sent to Chinese waters; and how long it is expected that they will remain there?


As the answer is very long, and contains many figures, I will, with the hon. Member's permission, have it circulated in tile OFFICIAL REPORT.

The reply is as follows:

Japanese. —The Japanese have in Chinese waters two ships in excess of normal, at present:

I cannot say for what period ships in excess of normal may be expected to remain.

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