HC Deb 01 December 1926 vol 200 cc1181-3
39. Mr. OLIVER

asked the Minister of Labour whether any steps have been taken to remedy the grievance of men who pay unemployment insurance and are denied benefit when out of employment on the ground that they receive a small income from other sources; and whether he will undertake that workpeople who are refused standard benefit on these grounds shall be exempted from unemployment contributions?

The MINISTER of LABOUR (Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland)

I am not clear

A.—TABLE showing the Number of Applications for Extended Benefit considered by Local Committees in Great Britain in 1926, with an Analysis of the Committees' Recommendations.
Period. Applications considered. Applications recommended for— Applications postponed for a definite period.
Allowance. Disallowance.
12th January to 8th February 282,181 235,114 43,835 3,232
9th February to 8th March 267,879 220,349 44,659 2,871
9th March to 12th April 280,996 230,958 47,211 2,827
13th April to 10th May 239,435 199,811 37,474 2,150
11th May to 13th June 304,288 262,186 40,123 1,979
14th June to 12th July 295,335 253,987 39,607 1,741
13th July to 9th August 305,189 263,518 39,781 1,890
10th August to 13th September 402,185 344,018 55,281 2,886
14th September to 12th October 330,729 278,374 49,844 2,511
13th October to 15th November 453,686 384,952 65,514 3,220
Total 3,161,903 2,673,267 463,329 25,307

what the hon. Member has in mind. If he could give me particulars of a specific case I should be happy to look into it.


May I draw attention to the fact that this Question was put down about 12 months ago, and it referred to men who play instruments in local bands in the evenings or who have small businesses which are looked after by their wives during working hours?


A good deal must depend in the circumstances of the case. It makes a difference whether the income to which the hon. Member refers is a fixed income or one from employment which may not be continuous. If he will communicate with me I will go into the matter.

41 and 42. Mr. SHORT

asked the Minister of Labour (1) the total number of claims for extended benefit in each month of the current year, and the number of claims disallowed;

(2) How many claims for unemployment benefit have been rejected during the present year, with an analysis of the reasons for such rejection.


As the replies to these questions involve a considerable number of figures, I will, with the hon. Member's permission, circulate statements in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

The following are the statements:

B.—TABLE giving an Analysis of the Decisions on Claims for Benefit Disallowed during 1926.
(1) Decisions by Chief Insurance Officer.
Grounds of disallowance. Number of claims disallowed.
Claim not made in prescribed manner 551
Not, unemployed 9,663
Not capable of work 4,671
Not available for work 2,031
Refusal of suitable employment 23,226
Not genuinely seeking work 87,665
Failure to attend courses of instruction 308
Trade disputes* 35,027
Lost employment through misconduct 50,651
Left employment Voluntarily without just cause 81,1607
In receipt of wages or payment 12,616
Other reasons 2,753
Total 310,769
The figures under this heading refer largely to test cases, and the number of claims affected by the decisions is considerably greater.
(2) Recommendations by Local Committees on claims for Extended Benefit.
Grounds of disallowance. Number of claims disallowed.
Not normally insurable and not seeking to obtain a livelihood by means of insurable employment. 31,838
Insurable employment not likely to be available 17,397
Not a reasonable period of insurable employment during the preceding two years. 149,311
Not making every reasonable effort to obtain suitable employment or not willing to accept suitable employment. 121,460
Single persons residing with relatives to whom they can look for support 76,595
Married women living with husbands to whom they can look for support 23,455
Married men living with wives to whom they can look for support 2,254
Short-time workers earning sufficient for maintenance 40,868
Aliens 148
Total definitely recommended for disallowance 463,329
Postponed for a definite period 25,307