HC Deb 02 August 1926 vol 198 cc2635-7

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the aggregates of the retained imports and the exports of British goods of kinds to which safeguarding duties have been applied during the first half of 1926 and of 1925, respectively, and also the aggregates of the retained imports and exports of British goods to which no such duties have been applied for the same periods?

A RETURN of the AGGREGATES of the value of retained IMPORTS, and the EXPORTS (MANUFACTURES of the UNITED KINGDOM), of GOODS (a) to which "safeguarding" duties under the FINANCE ACT, 1925, and the SAFEGUARDING OF INDUSTRIES (CUSTOMS DUTIES) ACT, 1925, have been applied, (b) to which no such duties have been applied, registered during the SIX MONTHS, JANUARY—JUNE, 1926 and 1925, respectively.
Group. January—June, 1926. January—June, 1925.
Retained Imports. Exports (United Kingdom Goods). Retained Imports. Exports (United Kingdom Goods).
(a) Safeguarded Goods: £ £ £ £
Lace and embroidery 259,691 990,850 363,145 1,314,116
Cutlery 118,969 397,468 186,461 433,115
Gas Mantles 29,815 15,049 120,737 18,004
Impregnated hose or stockings for use in the manufacture of mantles for incandescent lighting. 8 14 Not available.
Gloves of leather or of fur, and cotton fabric gloves and material for such gloves. 612,965 69,250 1,783,573 91,421
Total 1,021,448 1,472,631 2,453,916 1,856,656
(b) Other Goods:
All other manufactured goods (Class III—Wholly or mainly manufactured). 136,317,018 273,979,760 155,515,169 310,862,874
It should be noted that the imports of the safeguarding goods under (a) were increased by forestalments prior to the imposition of the duties, and that these forestalments have diminished imports in the first half of 1926.