HC Deb 27 April 1926 vol 194 c1853
86. Mr. BRIANT

asked the Minister of Health if, before sanctioning the appointments in the unions of the Isle of Wight, New Forest, Falmouth, and Auckland, to the position of relieving officer, of applicants whose former occupation was that of motor engineer, marine engineer, and miner, he was satisfied that no other applicant had previous experience more likely to qualify him for the work appertaining to the duties of a relieving officer?


The selection of persons for appointment as relieving officers is primarily a matter for the guardians, and in the cases referred to my right hon. Friend was satisfied that the guardians had given consideration to the previous experience and to the local knowledge of applicants. In the special circumstances of these districts he did not feel justified in refusing approval to the appointments proposed by the guardians. in three instances my right hon. Friend has given approval for a probationary period only and on the understanding that the officer shall, during that period, endeavour to obtain the certificate of the Poor Law Examination Board. It is proposed to follow the same course in the fourth case.


Is it not the fact that in some cases people have to serve a probationary period in order to gain experience which is already possessed by others?


I would hesitate to answer such a general question, but as regards the four cases the hon. Member referred to, I think in all of them there was previous experience and a particular knowledge of the respective districts.