HC Deb 27 April 1926 vol 194 cc1833-4

asked the Secretary for Scotland whether, as an arrangement was made between the Scottish Board of Agriculture and the late Lord Leverhulme suspending the policy of land purchase for small holdings in Harris for a period of 10 years, and as the employment provided by the late Lord Leverhulme is now no longer available, he can say if it is now his intention to resume the policy of providing land for smallholders?


So far as I am aware the understanding as to land settlement in Harris rested upon an arrangement between the late Lord Leverhulme and the people of Harris. As, however I informed the hon. Member for the Western Isles (Mr. Livingstone) on Tuesday last, the Board of Agriculture for Scotland in view of the new situation in Harris, have recently formulated schemes under which 41 applicants have been settled on two farms in Harris. The question whether anything more can be done in this direction consistently with what I said in my reply to the hon. Member's question on the 14th April is being considered but I take this opportunity of stating that any person who engages in illegal seizures of land will seriously prejudice his chances of inclusion in any settlement schemes which may be promoted.


Are we to understand that the Scottish Board of Agriculture was no party to the arrangement with the late Lord Leverhnlme?


As I have stated, the arrangement in regard to Harris was an arrangement between Lord Leverhulme and the people of Harris. There was another arrangement in regard to Lewis, which was on a different footing.