HC Deb 27 April 1926 vol 194 cc1855-6

asked the Minister of Health whether, in view of the fact that when Government. employés are sent on foreign service their contributions to the National Health Insurance cease, that after a period of more than 12 months they lose their status as insured persons and consequently all concessions, and that on resuming employment in the United Kingdom they are treated as new entrants into insurance, and are required to complete the necessary waiting periods for benefits both as regards health insurance and pensions, he will consider introducing a scheme whereby all Government employés on going abroad may contribute a fixed weekly amount as a retaining fee, so that when they ultimately return to England they may enter at once into the full benefits that the National Health Insurance affords?


The adoption of a scheme such as the hon. Member suggests would necessitate legislation, and, in view of the fact that the position of these employés was raised in the House when the residential requirements of the Widows', Orphans' and Old Age Contributory Pensions Bill were under discussion, my right hon. Friend can hold out no hope of further legislation to deal with the matter.