HC Deb 21 April 1926 vol 194 cc1197-8

asked the Minister of Labour whether, having regard to the fact that a considerable number of jute workers in Dundee are now on short time and others likely to follow, he will reconsider the instruction contained in Circular L.E.C. 82/17, concerning benefit payable to persons working short time, as at present it would appear they are not entitled to extended benefit?

Insurance Year (July to July). Paid in error. Recovered.
Amount. Percentage of total benefit paid. Cash refunded by claimants, etc. Recovered by deductious from benefit snbsequently becoming due. Total
£ £ £ £
1922–23 62,646 0.149 Not available 33,891
1923–24 47,211 0.131 11,138 13,473 24,611
1924–25 43,257 0.097 7,449 7,021 14,470

Claimants are liable to repay all benefit overpaid. In cases where the claimant's good faith is not in question, and where insistence on repayment would


I am afraid I cannot see my way to alter this instruction, which is of general application. Claims from jute workers for extended benefit are dealt with by the local employment committee, who will no doubt pay due regard to the direction contained in the document referred to respecting cases where the withholding of benefit would lead to hardship.


Is it not the case that the nature of the instructions has led to somewhat anomalous decision by committees?


I am not personally aware of it, but if the hon. Member will contribute any of them to me I will consider them.