HC Deb 20 April 1926 vol 194 cc1014-5

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he can inform the House as to the total amount of profit earned by British coal-mining companies during the year ending 31st March, 1926, and the total amount disbursed in dividends for the same period; and the total paid-up capital in British coal-mining companies, and the portion thereof due to bonus shares allocation, since December, 1914?

The SECRETARY far MINES (Colonel Lane Fox)

I regret that the particular figures for which the hon. Member asks are not available, but he will find much information in Appendix 38 in the third volume of the Report of the recent Royal Commission, where the subject is fully discussed.


Does not the right hon. Gentleman think, having regard to the fact that this House voted something like£16,000,000 for the relief of this industry, that we are entitled to know, before we go any further, what the actual position of the industry is?

Colonel LANE FOX

I cannot give figures that I have not yet got. I am asked for figures up to the 31st March, but I have not yet got them.


Could not the right hon. Gentleman, as Secretary for Mines, ask the mineowners of this country to give him such information, in order that the House of Commons may have it when it is called upon to discuss the matter of the subsidy?

Colonel LANE FOX

The figures for profits will come in in time, hut I have not got them up to the 31st March.


If the Minister does obtain that information, will he at the same time give the House information as to those coal-mining companies which paid no dividend, and also those which went into liquidation last year?

Lieut.-Colonel WATTS-MORGAN

Is it not possible for the right hon. Gentleman to give the figures from 1914 to the 31st December, 1925, which are available and are in that Report?

Colonel LANE FOX

Yes, Sir; if the hon. and gallant Gentleman asks me for those figures, he can have them. With regard to the other supplementary question, I am not sure that I can give the information, but I should be very glad to do so if I could.


Is not the information asked for in the last part of the question available, and, if so, could it be published in the OFFICIAL REPORT?

Colonel LANE FOX

No, Sir, I have no information on that head.

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