HC Deb 19 April 1926 vol 194 c835
32 and 33. Commander BELLAIRS

asked the Minister of Agriculture (1) when the hop control came to an end; whether any hop controller or committee is now acting in an official or any other capacity of control over hops; and, if so, to what extent and by what authority over the sale of the 1924 crop;

(2) whether the advisory committee of the English 1924 hop crop is an official or voluntary body; and to what extent and by what authority it exercises control over this particular crop?


The hop control came to an end on the 16th August, 1925. A liquidator of the control was appointed by the then Minister of Agriculture, acting under the powers conferred upon him by an Order made in pursuance of Section 4 (2) of the Ministry of Food (Continuance) Act, 1920. In exercising his functions the liquidator constituted an advisory committee representative of the interests involved, but this Committee was a voluntary body and, as such, exercised DO control over the hops in respect of which the liquidator had jurisdiction.

The liquidator has recently resigned, but the committee continues to give me such advice as I may from time to time require.


Is it a fact. that since the Hop Controller ceased to function the hop growers have given notice that this year there will be a large number of acres less under cultivation than previously?


Perhaps the hon. Member will put that question down.