HC Deb 26 November 1925 vol 188 cc1572-3

asked the Home Secretary what means were provided by the three firms manufacturing aerated waters who received certificates of exemption in 1924, under Regulation 5, which requires the provision of waterproof boots or clogs for keeping the workers' feet dry?


In each case the workers had been provided with perforated standing boards, and also with effective screens to prevent the splash from the washing and filling machines wetting the workers' feet.


asked the Home Secretary whether, seeing that the usual kind of gauntlet made of knitted wool used by workers in aerated water factories gets soddened with water and when in that condition causes rheumatism, it is proposed to issue Regulations stipulating for the use of leather gauntlets; and whether in this industry rheumatism is a disease scheduled under the Workmen's Compensation Acts?


The answer to both parts of the question is in the negative. Leather gauntlets have been found unsuitable, as the wet causes the leather to become stiff and hard, and experience shows that the most satisfactory type of gauntlet is the knitted woollen one. In the case of one works, a complaint was received that the knitted woollen gauntlets became sodden, but this was remedied by the provision of a larger supply of gauntlets which enables the workers to change them more frequently. There is no evidence so far as I am aware, of any special prevalence of rheumatism in the factories question.

Lieut.-Colonel Sir FREDERICK HALL

Are these difficulties found in breweries?


asked the Home Secretary whether, seeing that the type of mask used for the protection of workers in aerated water factories is exceptionally unsatisfactory in the majority of cases, any inquiry is being made as to a suitable mask; and whether it is proposed to introduce any Regulations specifying the kind of mask that should be used?


I would refer the hon. Member to the reply I gave to the question asked on this subject by the hon. Member for Southwark Central on the 23rd July last. The matter can be and is being dealt with under the existing powers and no fresh Regulation is necessary.