HC Deb 17 November 1925 vol 188 cc179-80
11. Colonel DAY

asked the Secretary for Mines how many mines have been opened or reopened since 1st August, 1925; how many mines have been closed since that date; and what is the estimated cost to the State for the months of August, September, and October in respect of the subsidy in aid of wages?

13. Captain GARRO-JONES

asked the Secretary for Mines how many coal pits have been closed, how many old pits reopened, and how many new mines opened during the three months August, September, and October?

The SECRETARY for MINES (Colonel Lane-Fox)

During the three months August, September and October, 111 coal mines, normally employing 29,124 wage-earners, have been closed and not reopened, while 99 mines at present employing 23,514 wage-earners have been reopened and 29 new mines at present-employing 503 wage-earners have been opened. With regard to the last part of the question I would refer the hon. and gallant Member to the answer which I gave yesterday to the hon. and gallant Member for Hackney South (Captain Garro-Jones).


Can the hon. and gallant Gentleman tell us— or find out —what has been the loss to the ratepayers owing to these mines being closed down?

Colonel LANE-FOX

No, Sir. I could not do so off-hand.


Are we to understand from these figures that there are 53,000 fewer miners working now than when the subsidy was commenced?

Colonel LANE-FOX

That is not borne out by the figures I have given. You cannot take one set of figures without the other.


(for Mr. MORRIS) asked the Secretary for Mines whether he can state, to the last convenient date, the amount of subsidy owing and paid to the coal industry?

Colonel LANE-FOX

The total subvention for the three months to 31st October is estimated to amount to about £6,000,000. The amount paid up to that date was £4,847,626.


Can the hon. and gallant Gentleman state the amount of money that has been paid to the miners themselves out of the subsidy, and the amount paid to the mine-owners?

Colonel LANE-FOX

No, but I can assure the hon. Gentleman that there is very little in the way of profit. There are only two districts in the months of August and September showing any profit at all.


May we take it from that, then, that the whole of the £6,000,000 has gone to the mine-owners?

Colonel LANE-FOX

No. The hon. Member may take it in exactly the opposite direction.


Have the Secretary for Mines and his Department tried in these figures to show how much of that subsidy to the owners has gone to pits that were working when the subsidy was established and how much to pits that have been established since the subsidy was given?

Colonel LANE-FOX

I must have notice of that question.

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