HC Deb 12 May 1925 vol 183 cc1633-47

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he can give the quantity and value of natural and artificial silk, including cocoons, raw silk and thrown or spun tissue, imported into this country between the years 1921 and 1922 and up the present, together with the quantity and value of imported manufactured silk goods; the quantity and value of manufactured silk goods exported from this country; and the quantity and value of the amount consumed here?


asked the Presidentofthe Board of Trade if he will state, for the last five years for which statistics are available, the quantities and value of silk and artificial silk manufactures exported from the United Kingdom; and what were the corresponding imports of the same?


I will reply to these questions together. As the answer contains tables of figures, the hon. Members will perhaps agree to my circulating it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.


I only asked for one year; my question was a simple and straightforward one.


Could the right hon. Gentleman inform the House the source of these figures?


I think they are taken from the official returns.

Following is the answer:


When he has the figures in the OFFICIAL REPORT, I think he w ill see that that figure is included

Following is the answer:

From 1st April, 1923, the particulars include the trade of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with the high Free State.

From the same date, the direct foreign trade of the Irish Free State has been excluded.

The particulars do not include details of imports and exports of hosiery and other articles of apparel in respect of which separate statements regarding such goods as are of silk or of artificial silk are not available.

Information regarding the consumption in the United Kingdom of the several classes of silk goods specified in the tables is not available, as the quantities and values of goods manufactured in this country have not been ascertained for any of the periods specified. Particulars in respect of goods made during 1924 will be obtained in connection with the Census of Production now in progress.

QUANTITES of the undermentioned descriptions of Silk and Silk Manufactures registered as consigned to the United Kingdom from all countries.
Description Unit 1921. 1922. 1923. 1924. First three months of 1925.
Silk Knubs and Waste Cwt. 11,318 35,601 23,617 36,500 12,265
Silk Noils Cwt. 753 2,343 1,056 3,079 96
Silk, Raw Lbs. 445,409 976,279 734,322 808,503 167,677
Artificial Silk Waste Lbs. * * 251,344 276,175 73,948
Silk and Silk Manufactures:
Thrown Silk Lbs. 25,473 2,262 52,676 28,765 38,800
Spun Silk Yarn Lbs. 347,213 674,026 634,553 684,815 336,313
Silk Manufactures Wholly of Silk:
Piece Goods, Dyed or not Dyed:
Pile Fabrics Sq.Yds. 277,438 182,504 61,242 68,122,407 21,286,997
Other Fabrics:
Natural Undyed (including Habutae). Sq. Yds. 18,956,076 22,982,944 17,783,939
Other Descriptions Sq. Yds. 31,270,089 28,122,442 36,549,653
Lace and Articles thereof (except Embroidery):
Hand Made Recorded by value only.
Machine Made
Manufactures of Silk mixed with Other Materials if known as "Silks":
Piece Goods, Dyed or not Dyed:
Pile Fabrics Sq. Yds. 98,235 1110,119 485,390 22,990,834 5,444,139
Other Fabrics Sq. Yds. 11,370,533 6,923,968 12,916,593
Lace and Articles thereof (except Embroidery). Recorded by value only.
Other Manufactures of Silk, or of Silk mixed with Other Materials if known as "Silks"(except Apparel).
Artificial Silk including Yarn. Lbs. 1,280,220 2,642,135 5,853,239 Information not yet available.
Artificial Silk Manufactures, other than Apparel:
Piece Goods (including Plushes). Recorded by value only.
Other Sorts, not elsewhere specified.
Gloves of Woven Fabric, Silk. Doz. Prs. 19,741 10,313
* Included in "Artificial Silk, including yarn" prior to 1923.
†Not separately distinguished after 1922.