HC Deb 06 May 1925 vol 183 cc976-7

6. "That during a period of four years beginning on the sixteenth day of August, nineteen hundred and twenty-five, the following duties of customs shall be charged on the importation into Great Britain or Northern Ireland of the following goods, that is to say:—

£ s. d.
Hops the cwt. 4 0 0
Every extract, essence, or other similar preparation made from hops An amount equal to the duty on the quantity of hops which, in the opinion of the commissioners of Customs and Excise, has been used in the manufacture of the extract, essence, or preparation.
Beer In addition to the essence duties of customs now chargeable, a duty of tenpence for every 36 gallons where the worts were before fermentation of a specific gravity of 1,055 degrees, and so in proportion for any difference in gravity."