HC Deb 04 May 1925 vol 183 cc567-8

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what schemes to facilitate transport in the Crown Colonies have been sanctioned since 1st January; what is the estimated cost of such schemes; and whether, since the present Government assumed office, any schemes have been submitted which the Treasury has declined to support?


Sanction has been given since 1st January to the following undertakings:

Tanganyika Territory..

1. An extension of the Tabora-Kahama Railway to Shinyanga, estimated to cost £225,000, has been sanctioned in principle.

2. The relaying of 22 miles of the Tanganyika Central Railway and the transfer of the old rails to the above-mentioned extension has been sanctioned. The estimate for this theme is £66,000.

3. A motor transport scheme for the Tabora-Mwanza area, estimated to cost £16,860.


A coaling berth at Port Harcourt, estimated to cost £62,500.


A scheme for improving Port Louis Harbour at an estimated cost of £138,000.

Since the present Government assumed office, Treasury approval of any such schemes has not been withheld in any case in which It was required.