HC Deb 31 March 1925 vol 182 cc1108-9

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he has considered the advisability of offering a substantial prize for a cure for foot-and-mouth disease, or for the production of a successful serum preventing its spread?


I do not think that research into foot-and-mouth disease would be stimulated by the means suggested in my hon. Friend's question, and I have grave doubts whether the proposed action would be practicable.

The following Statement shows the proportion measured by Value of (a) Raw Materials and Articles mainly unmanufactured, and (b) Articles mainly or wholly manufactured, exported to Foreign Countries and to British Countries Overseas respectively, during the years specified.
Class of goods and Year Value of Exports of United Kingdom Produce and manufac'ures.
Total to all Destinations. of which consigned to
Foreign Countries. British Countries Overseas. Foreign Countries British Countries Overseas.
Amount. Thousand £. Amount. Thousand £. Amount. Thousand £. Proportion Per cent. of Total. Per cent.
(a) Raw Materials and Articles mainly Unmanufactured:
1913 66,173 62,849 3,324 95.0 5.0
1923 130,809 123,014 7,795 94.1 5.9
(b) Articles wholly or mainly Manufactured:
1913 413,820 239,142 174,378 57.9 42.1
1923 579,957 319,613 260,314 55.1 44.9

Similar particulars for 1924 will not be available for some time.

The particulars for 1913 and the first quarter of 1923 relate to exports from Great Britain and Ireland. As from 1st April, 1923, they relate to exports from Great Britain and Northern Ireland only and are inclusive of raw materials, etc., to the value of £2,345,000 and of manufactured goods to the value of £14,267,000, exported to the Irish Free State.