HC Deb 31 March 1925 vol 182 cc1091-2

asked the Secretary for Mines whether the conditions governing the working of the anthracite mines in the United States are similar to those of the mines in this country in regard to the thickness of seams and the average depth at which working takes place; and what the comparative figures are in output per man employed in the two countries?

Colonel LANE-FOX

No, Sir; they are quite different. The American seams are much thicker and more easily worked. The output per worker in 1923 (the latest date for which an American figure is available) was 528 tons in the United States and 188 tons in South Wales.


Can the hon. and gallant Gentleman say whether, apart from the thickness of the seams, the depth at which the working takes place is similar in this country and in the United States?

Colonel LANE-FOX

The conditions are so very different that it is difficult to answer that question. In the American seams the gradients are very different. In some cases the seams are, as it were, standing on their head. It is, therefore, impossible accurately to compare depth, but, on the whole, the workings in South Wales are deeper.


Can the hon. and gallant Gentleman say to what extent coal in the anthracite collieries in the United States is produced by machinery and to what extent the same thing is done in this country?

Colonel LANE-FOX

It would be very difficult to answer that question without notice.


Is the hon. and gallant Gentleman aware that not only in the United States but in the Dominions they are always ready to take our miners when they can get them, because of their high state of efficiency?