HC Deb 30 March 1925 vol 182 cc932-3
42 and 43. Mr. GOODMAN ROBERTS

asked the Minister of Health (1) whether he is in possession of any evidence that the small quantities of boron preservatives permitted to be used in liquid eggs is deleterious to health; and, if so, will he state its nature;

(2) whether it has been decided to prohibit the use of boron preservatives in liquid eggs; and whether, before issuing Regulations on this matter, he will consider the probable increased cost of important foodstuffs into the composition of which eggs enter, seeing that there is no adequate provision for cold storage in this country to make cold-storage eggs a practical substitute for liquid eggs?

The MINISTER of HEALTH (Mr. Neville Chamberlain)

The effect of boron preservatives was considered by the Departmental Committee on the use of preservatives in food, and they were unanimously of opinion that such preservatives are sufficiently harmful to justify their total prohibition. I have not yet settled the final form of the Regulations, and before doing so I shall certainly give full weight to such considerations as those mentioned by my hon. Friend.


Before coming to a final decision, will the right hon. Gentleman secure independent medical evidence?


I am willing to receive representations from anybody.