HC Deb 19 March 1925 vol 181 c2516

I think I ought to tell the House what has been done to fulfil our obligations under the Washington Convention, under which we had to scrap a large amount of tonnage. All the obligations under the Washington Convention have been carried out, and carried out by the date at which we undertook to do it. Not only did we begin to fulfil our obligations before other countries, I think, but we have completed them, not without difficulty, in advance of the proper date. "Agamemnon" and "Colossus" have been made incapable of war-like service; one has become a target ship and the other is a stationary training ship; "Australia" and "Monarch" have been sunk at sea; and 18 more ships, of 400,000 tons aggregate, have been sold and broken up in this country.