HC Deb 18 March 1925 vol 181 cc2255-6
54. Mr. S. CROOKE

asked the Minister of Labour the number of ex-service men trained under the Government training scheme; the number at present under instruction; the number of such trainees now in regular employment and the number totally unemployed; the number absorbed by firms on the King's Roll: and the number in receipt of guardians' relief?


About 90,000 ex-service men have been trained under the Industrial Training Scheme up to date, and the number at present under instruction is approximately 6,400. No figures are available of the number of ex-trainees now in regular employment or unemployed, but a census taken in March of last year showed that only about 7 per cent. of the men who had been trained were then unemployed. The total number of disabled ex-service men employed with firms on the King's Roll is approximately 350,000, but I have no figures to indicate how many of these are ex-trainees.

Lieut.-Colonel Sir FREDERICK HALL

Does the right hon. Gentleman think it would be advisable to keep some record of these trainees who, unfortunately, get out of employment, with a view to utilising them so that he may know that he has on a register a certain number of trained men for specific work?


We do recommend men as they come out according to the specific work for which they are fitted. On the other hand, it would be a rather difficult matter to keep a register as suggested. It would require a rather vast staff to keep a register of about 90,000 people supplementary to the general register.


It is not a question of keeping a register of 90,000 but a register of those trainees, on whom a large amount of money has been expended, who are unemployed. Cannot something be done on those lines? They are ex-service men.

Captain A. EVANS

Is it not a fact that these particulars are kept by the unemployment exchanges?


It is a thing that is worth considering. It means keeping a register of some 90,000 men, because, at any moment any one of them may come out. It is not only the people who come out from time to time. If the hon. and gallant Member for Dulwich will communicate with me I shall be glad to look into the matter.