HC Deb 18 March 1925 vol 181 cc2251-3
52. Mr. HARRIS

asked the Minister of Labour what new schemes, if any, have been initiated by the Government to provide work for the unemployed since they entered office, independent of or in conjunction with the local authorities; which of these new schemes are in operation; and how many men are employed under them?


I am having the information collected, and will send it to the hon. Member as soon as possible.

53. Mr. HARRIS

asked the Minister of Labour how much public money has been spent by the Government in providing money for work for the unemployed either through grants from the Road Board, or through local authorities, or in any other form for the three months December, January, and February, 1924–25; how many men have been employed in work as a result of this expenditure; and how do these figures compare with the corresponding figures for December, January, and February, 1923–24?


As the answer contains a number of figures, I will, with the hon. Member's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

Unemployment Grants Committee. Payments.
Dec, 1923; Jan. and Feb., 1924. Dec, 1924; Jan. and Feb., 1925.
£ £
(a) Schemes assisted by grants based on wages paid. 166,780 179,650
(b) Schemesassisted by grants towards Interest, or Interest and Sinking Fund Charges. 181,552 417,264

Ministry of Transport.

The latest information at present available as to Government contributions paid through the Road Fund relates to the three months ended 31st December, 1924. Payments made during this period were, approximately, £1,026,000, as against £820,000 in the corresponding period of the previous year. The disbursements, however, do not bear any exact relation to the volume of employment in any given period.

Miscellaneous Schemes.

A number of Departments are concerned and particulars of expenditure in the months mentioned in the question are not at present available, but I will endeavour to obtain them if the hon. Member so desires.

Export Credits Scheme.

Guarantees in use or earmarked were as follows:

31st December, 1923 8,528,078
4th February, 1924 8,183,550
3rd March, 1924 8,142,136
29th December, 1924 4,967,720
2nd February, 1925 4,775,601
28th February, 1925 4,725,814

Guarantees under the Trade Facilities Acts, 1921 to 1924.

Total amount of guarantees as at

31st December, 1923 38,205,645
31st January, 1924 38,205,645
29th February, 1924 38,205,645
31st December, 1924 52,600,311
31st January, 1925 54,117,311
28th February, 1925 54,215,311

According to returns received, the total number of men directly employed on relief work were as follows, at the end of

December, 1923 76,596
January, 1924 89,047
February, 1924 95,619
December, 1924 103,261
January, 1925 109,399
February, 1925 118,234*
*Subject to revision.