HC Deb 18 March 1925 vol 181 cc2247-8
A.—18th October, 1923, to 31th July, 1924.
Not normally in insurable employment 40,201
Not genuinely seeking whole-time employment 106,555
Not 20 contributions and not a reasonable period of insurable employment 18,411
Single persons residing with relatives to whom they could look for support 20,283
Married women living with husbands to whom they could look for support 11,872
Short-time workers earning sufficient for maintenance 539
Aliens 159
Others 18,419
B.—1st August, 1924, to 9th February, 1925.
Not normally insurable and not seeking to obtain a livelihood by means of insurable employment 28,599
Insurable employment not likely to be available 8,338
Not reasonable period of insurable employment during the preceding two years 70,070
Not making every reasonable effort to obtain suitable employment, or not willing to accept suitable employment 58,564
Others (failure to attend hearing, etc.) 57,552

It should further be noted that

  1. (a) Some of those entered under the last heading ("Failure to attend hearing, etc.") may have had their claims allowed at a subsequent hearing, and the total number of final rejections is therefore somewhat less than that given in the table: precise figures on this point are not available.
  2. (b) It would not be safe to draw any conclusions from a comparison of figures in categories of apparently similar description in Tables A and B. respectively.