HC Deb 16 March 1925 vol 181 c1890

The position as regards the supply of officers is improving. During the current financial year we shall have taken 34 officers from the Universities; six from the Territorial Army, and 30 from the ranks, via Sandhurst, in addition to the 395 who come through either the. Royal Military College at Sandhurst or the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. We ought not to find any difficulty in getting the right class of officer. For a young man, the Army is a profession which holds many advantages which are apt to be overlooked. To parents [would point out that the Army, besides being the noblest of all professions, is still infinitely the cheapest profession which a boy can enter. Candidates for any of the liberal professions, such as the law, medicine, the Civil Service, etc., must he supported by their parents for five or oven seven years, whereas a young officer in the Army, after 18 months at Sandhurst or Woolwich, is earning his living and is able to keep himself. [HON. MEMBERS: "No!"] They are not all so extravagant as my hon. Friends. The young officer is able to enjoy a healthy and interesting life, with opportunities for seeing the world, not to be met with in another profession, and if he works hard, there need be no limit to his ambitions.