HC Deb 16 March 1925 vol 181 cc1849-50

asked the President of the Board of Education whether the scheme drawn up in the year 1919 by the Central Committee for the Care of Cripples, and which has since been

STRENGTH of the British Forces in Egypt and the Sudan on 1st March, 1924, and 1st March, 1925.
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584 11,814 12,398 665 13,450 14115
Royal Air Force.
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Total Army and Royal Air Force 869 13,660 14,529 958 15,235 16,193

adopted by the Board of Education, is now going to be put into operation, either as part of the school medical service or in any other manner?


As the hon. and gallant Member will see from the terms of Circular 1349 (of which I am sending him a copy), the Board emphatically desire that every local authority should adopt an adequate orthopaedic scheme. There are already a number of such schemes in operation, for instance, in Oxfordshire and Shropshire. The Board have not actually adopted, nor required local authorities to adopt any particular scheme, but the general principles of treatment laid down by the Central Committee for the Care of Cripples have been and will continue to be of much assistance to the Board and to local education authorities in dealing with this question.