HC Deb 11 March 1925 vol 181 cc1307-9

asked the Minister of Labour if he is aware of the suffering caused in Barrow-in-Furness by the new regulations with regard to the number of stamps required to entitle to unemployed benefit; that its operation is throwing many people on to guardians' relief, increasing the rates of the town and adding to the burden of the debt which the town already bears; and, if so, is he prepared to give further consideration to the problem?


The number disqualified at Barrow under the new rule is 55 and is approximately in the same proportion to the total number of unemployed on the register, as is the case for the United Kingdom as a whole. I am aware, however, that unemployment is very acute in Barrow, and I shall he very ready to consider any schemes that may be put forward by the locality or by the hon. Member on their behalf.

and for the whole of Great Britain, 223,123, The answer gives the numbers of reductions under the different headings with which the hon. Member is familiar.

Following is statement prepared:


Can we have any circular in which the Minister would make tr. clear whether the applicant is necessarily debarred, if he has not stuck on the stamps from the commencement of the operation of the Act? There is some misunderstanding.


Perhaps the hon. Gentleman would put that question down?

39. Mr. SCURR

asked the Minister of Labour how many unemployed received benefit in the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney for the months of December, January and February; how many have failed to qualify for unemployment benefit owing to the new Regulations increasing the number of stamps required; and how many who had so failed to qualify were over 55 years of age?


The numbers of applicants for benefit who were recorded on the registers of the Stepney Employment Exchange at the end of December, January and February last were 8,282, 8,738 and 8,298 respectively. I am unable to state the number of separate individuals represented by these figures, but it was no doubt considerably larger than the number on the register at any particular date. The number of persons in this area whose claims to benefit have been disallowed since 19th February, because of failure to satisfy the contribution conditions referred to, was 35. I am unable to give the ages of these persons.

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