HC Deb 09 March 1925 vol 181 cc938-9

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether he can give figures to show what the burden of the national debt per capita is in Great Britain, France, Germany, and America, respectively?

National Debts.
Amount. Per Head.
United Kingdom (31st March, 1924) £7,680,500,000 £160.8*
France (31st July, 1924) Internal Fcs. 277,850,000,000 Fcs. 7,086.2
External† Fcs. 135,650,000,000 Fcs. 3,459.6
‡Germany (31st December, 1924) Gold Mks. 2,894,900,000 Gold Mks. 46.3
Exclusive of the debt for Reparations.
§U.S.A. (31st January, 1925) $20,789,100,000 $183.7
*Including population of Irish Free State; excluding the Irish Free State the debt per head would be £172.2.
†At rates of exchange of July, 1924.
‡Debt of the Reich only, and exclusive of the debts of the States.
§ Federal Debt only, and exclusive of non-interest-bearing debt.