HC Deb 04 March 1925 vol 181 c425

asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that, in a case where a wife has left her husband and is living with another man. it is possible for benefit to be obtained for her as an unmarried wife of the man with whom she is living, but that the husband who has been left is unable to obtain benefit for his housekeeper. although he would be able to do so if she were living with him as his unmarried wife; and whether he can see his way to propose such an amendment of the law as will prevent this?


The position is not quite as stated by the hon. Member; in particular, benefit is only payable in respect of an "unmarried wife" where the man, who is entitled to claim benefit and is living with her, is a widower or an unmarried man. The matter is very complicated, and I am inclined to think that it would be found that any change in the existing Statute would create greater difficulties than it cured.