HC Deb 16 June 1925 vol 185 cc467-9

In estimating the profits or gains of tin, copper, coal, mundic, or other mines charge- able to Income Tax there shall be allowed to be deducted as expenses such part of any amount expended in shaft sinking as the Commissioners having jurisdiction in the matter may think just and reasonable.— [Captain Moreing.]

Brought up, and read the First time.


I beg to move, "That the Clause be read a Second time."

This is a matter of vast importance to the mining industry of this country, and I hope the Chancellor of the Exchequer will be able to indicate—[Interruption.]


On a point of Order. I understood that an agreement was arrived at that these Amendments would not be moved to-night in order to give hon. Members an opportunity of getting home by train. That agreement has been broken; the last train has gone, and I think we should be within our rights if we continued the discussion all night. You make an agreement and then do not carry it out.


The question of an agreement is not a point of Order. That it not a matter which can be enforced by the Chair. It depends on Members of the Committee.


Perhaps I can allay any feelings of irritation there might be on this matter. Hon. Members on this side of the Committee have compressed an enormous number of proposals into a short time, and I do not think any controversial matter is going to be dealt with to-night. In a few minutes I think we shall reach the end of our proceedings, although I do feel some regret that the hour of 12.15 or 12.30 has been passed. At the same time I hope hon. Members will be lenient judges on this matter. I am sure everyone is trying to do his best to get through as quickly as possible. I am afraid we cannot undertake anything in the connection indicated by this new Clause this year. It is a matter which, like that of wasting assets, should be considered as part of a general proposition.

Question, "That the Clause be read a Second time," put, and negatived.


I do not propose to move my new Clause to amend 10 and 11 Geo. V, c. 32, s. 32, but in view of the statement of the Chancellor of the Exchequer I hope I shall have an opportunity on Report stage of moving it. In order that hon. Members opposite may catch their trains I do not move the new Clause now.