HC Deb 15 June 1925 vol 185 cc69-241

Again considered in Committee.

[Mr. JAMES HOPE in the Chair.]

  1. CLAUSE 12.—(Income Tax for 1925–26.) 27,827 words, 1 division
  2. cc135-201
  3. CLAUSE 13.—(Super-tax for 1925–26.) 27,255 words, 1 division
  4. cc201-9
  5. CLAUSE 14.—(Allowances in respect of earned income and allowances from total income of persons of age of 65 years). 1,387 words
  6. cc209-12
  7. CLAUSE 15.—(Assessment of weekly wage-earners to be half-yearly instead of quarterly.) 1,370 words
  8. cc212-20
  9. CLAUSE 16. (Claims for exemption in respect of income of charities and for repayment of tax in respect of interest paid to banks, and right of appeal in connection therewith. 2,923 words
  10. c220
  11. CLAUSE 17.—(Provision as to Income Tax on dividends of certain securities vested in custodian or administrator of enemy property.) 99 words
  12. cc220-41
  13. CLAUSE 19.—(Amended rates of estate duty.) 8,614 words