HC Deb 16 July 1925 vol 186 cc1536-7
65. Mr. HARRIS (for

asked the. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if the town of Akaba has been recognised as Egyptian territory: and whether the principal Allied Powers have been consulted in reference to the alteration of the frontier of Trans jordania?


Although between 1841 and 1892 the Porte permitted the establishment of Egyptian police posts at certain places on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Akaba, including Akaba itself, for the protection of Egyptian pilgrims, the Sultan resumed possession of these posts in 1892 and no objection was raised from the Egyptian side. The line dividing the territories under Egyptian and Turkish administration respectively was defined in 1906 by a boundary commission and has not since been modified. Akaba lies a few miles to the east of this line. In reply to the second part of the question, the formal definition of the frontiers of Transjordan with the Hedjaz and Nejd has still to take place, as stated by the Secretary of State for the Colonies on the 6th of July. A definition of these frontiers will eventually be communicated to the League of Nations. No consultation of the principal Allied Powers has taken place or is required.