HC Deb 06 July 1925 vol 186 c18
37. Mr. LOOKER

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department if he can inform the House of the total amount expended by Great Britain in the purchase of Russian goods and products in 1924; and whether Russia, during 1924, expended in the purchase of British goods the full amount of the credit established in her favour for this purpose?


The imports of Russian goods and products into Great Britain in 1924 amounted in value to, roughly, £20,000,000, while the exports to Russia of British products and manufactures, during the same period, amounted to nearly £4,000,000, and of re-exports from the United Kingdom of foreign and colonial merchandise to something over £7,000,000. There is thus an unexpended balance of trade in favour of Russia, in so far as this country is concerned, of about £9,000,000 sterling. The full amount of the credit established in the favour of Russia has, therefore, not been expended in the purchase of British goods.


Can the hon. Gentleman say in what manner the unexpended balance is being utilised? I do not suggest that it is being improperly utilised, but is it being utilised for the purchase of British goods?


£9,000,000 remains unexpended. I should think the hon. Member for Lincoln (Mr. Taylor) might represent to the Russian Government that they should use some of it for the purchase of agricultural implements, or the right hon. Gentleman—


Order, order!

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