HC Deb 02 July 1925 vol 185 cc2774-6

asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware of the dissatisfaction prevailing amongst the dependants of deceased persons under the Workmen's Compensation Acts with the present method of investing their funds in Post Office savings; and will he device some scheme for investing in the trustee stock bearing a higher rate of interest?


I have no information to the effect suggested in the first part of the question, and the hon. Member appears to be under some misconception. The compensation is not required to be invested in the Post Office Savings Bank, but may, at the discretion of the Court, be invested in certain Government stocks, including the 5 per cent. War Loan, or, with the consent of the Treasury, in various other trustee securities. I am informed by the Lord Chancellor's Department, within whose jurisdiction the matter lies, that this discretion is widely exercised by the Courts.


Is there any power whatever to deal with this matter, because recently I have had to complain about an investment going to a fund where the least possible interest is paid instead of the highest?


As I say, it is under the jurisdiction of the Lord Chancellor, not myself. If the hon. Member will give me particulars of any particular case, I will communicate with the Lord Chancellor at once.


asked the Home Secretary what provision, if any, is made in the rules for the payment of expenses and loss of time to a workman attending a medical referee at the request of an employer, and under an order of the registrar of the County Court, under the Workmen's Compensation Acts?


In cases of industrial disease under Section 8 of the Act of 1906, if the employer appeals against the certificate of the certifying surgeon, he is required to give an undertaking to pay any reasonable travelling expenses incurred by the workman in attending for examination by the medical referee. No similar provision has been made for other classes of cases where the workman may be required, at the employer's instance, to attend a referee, but I have under consideration a fresh regulation on the subject.