HC Deb 16 December 1925 vol 189 c1424
Mr. CLYNES (by Private Notice)

asked the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs whether he can state the nature of the new Agreement with the Government of Canada relative to the cost of passages to the Dominion for assisted migrants?


Yes, Sir. I am glad to announce that under an arrangement between His Majesty's Government, the Dominion Government and the trans-Atlantic shipping companies, persons proceeding to Canada next year with assistance under the Empire Settlement Act will be able to travel to the eastern ports of Canada for £3 instead of £15 5s., which is the present reduced rate; and they will travel to Winnipeg for £5 10s. instead of £20 10s., and to Vancouver for £9 instead of £25. Rates to intermediate destinations will be proportionate, that to Calgary being £6 10s. Thus assisted settlers will be able to proceed to any destination on this side of the Rocky Mountains at a cost to themselves of about a farthing a mile, and right through to the Pacific coast at a cost of three-eighths of a penny a mile. Children will go free, as at present. Loans will no longer be made, except, in special circumstances, to families and household workers.


Is the cost of these subsidised passages to be met by the Imperial Government or by the Dominion Government, or jointly by the two Governments?


I understand jointly. It is under the Empire Settlement Act, which is on a fifty-fifty basis.


Are any special steps being taken to make that information generally known?


Yes. The Canadian authorities have already issued a summary to the Press, and we are issuing this afternoon an even fuller one.


Is there any chance of a similar arrangement being made with the other Dominions?


I think I announced this spring that similar very large reductions have been arranged this year in the cost of passages to Australia and New Zealand.