HC Deb 10 December 1925 vol 189 c641
31. Mr. J. BAKER

asked the Home Secretary whether, having regard to the great increase in the use of varnishes or dopes composed of celluloid or nitrocellulose dissolved in acetone, amyl acetate, or similar solvent, he is satisfied that the present Regulations governing ventilation and the absence of naked lights are satisfactory; and, if not, whether it is proposed to introduce Regulations governing factories where the varnishes or dopes are used at an early date?


Very few accidents or dangerous occurrences from the use of these varnishes or dopes have so far been reported, and I am advised that so far as danger to health from inhalation of the fumes is concerned, the existing requirements of the Act have been found adequate. The Chief Inspector is not satisfied as to the position in regard to the risk of fire or explosion, and special inquiries into this point are now in progress.