HC Deb 05 August 1925 vol 187 cc1503-5

Lords Amendment:

In page 3, line 19, leave out from "cease" to the end of line 21.


It is my duty to call the attention of the House to this and the next Amendment, which run together, and rise a question of privilege. Their effect may be to enable an additional allowance to be paid under conditions not existing originally, as the Bill left this House. I must confess to the House that it is a very fine point, but it is my duty to draw attention to anything in the case of which there is the slightest possibility of the privileges of the House being infringed. If the House except this Amendment, a special entry will be made in the Journals.


I beg to move, "That this House doth agree with the Lords in the said Amendment."

On the question of privilege, may I say that these two Amendments taken together do not in fact give power to make any allowance that is not already provided for by the Bill? During the passage of the Bill through this House, a concession was made continuing the allowance for children, while they were at school, up to the age of 16, but there was no provision making it quite clear that such an allowance would not be affected should the widow's pension cease. These two Amendments are simply to make it quite clear that, in a case where a widow's pension ceases, not by reason of her death, or by reason of the fact that she has re-married, but by reason of the fact that her child has already reached the age of 14, then, if that child be still at school, the fact that she has ceased to receive her pension shall not affect the allowance paid to the child. That is entirely carrying out the intention of the Bill, and, as I have said, this is really only a drafting Amendment, in order that there may be no possible doubt.

Lords Amendment:

In page 3, line 24, at the end insert: Provided that if for any reason other than the death of the widow, the widow's pension ceases to be payable before the expiration of the time during which an additional allowance is payable, such cessor shall not affect the continuance of the additional allowance.

Agreed to.


Could I raise a point of Order? It is utterly impossible for us to take in this long Amendment as it has been read, without one word of explanation.


We have disposed of that point. We cannot now go back to it.