HC Deb 03 August 1925 vol 187 cc936-8
The CHAIRMAN of WAYS and MEANS (Mr. James Hope)

I beg to move, in line 2, to leave out the words "expenditure for," and to insert instead thereof the words "expense of."

These Amendments to the Standing Order look very formidable, but in fact they are not. They merely require to be set out particulars of works for which loans are required. At present Standing Order 36a does not contain any such provision, and it is really impossible for the Ministries, the assent of which to those loans is required, to know for what length of time the loans should be granted. This sets forth the nature of the work and enables decisions to be come to earlier as to the loans. If any hon. Member has any doubt about these Amendments, I will postpone moving them, but there is no principle involved, and they are only moved in order to obtain fuller particulars when works are to be decided upon.

Question put, and agreed to.

Further Amendments made:

In line 3, leave out the words "permanent works," and insert instead thereof the words "work or purpose described in the Appendix marked (B)."

In line 3, leave out the word "executed," and insert instead thereof the words "carried out."

In line 10, leave out the word "following," and after the word "form," insert the words "set forth in the Appendix marked (B)."

In line 12, after the word "permit," insert the words "and no other Estimates shall be required from the Promoters."

Leave out lines 13 to 27, inclusive.

In page 260, after Appendix (A).

insert the following New Appendix (B):

Purpose. Amount.
Canals:— £
Locks, &c.
Main transmission lines
Feeders and distributors
Machinery and Plant
(in the case of generating plant specify whether steam, gas, diesel, &c.)
*Purchase of electricity undertaking where the price has been fixed
Ferries (specifying type):—
(a) Vessels
(b) Landing stages, &c
Furniture and movable equipment
Generating plant
Gas holders
Cast iron
*Purchase of gas undertaking where the price has been fixed
Harbours, Docks, and Piers:—
Docks, etc. (stating, generally, character and method of construction)
(a) Rubble mound
(b) Concrete block
(a) Ferro-concrete
(b) Timber
Machinery (cranes, pumping machinery, dredgers, etc.)
Machinery not included under other headings (stating, generally, its character)
Omnibuses (specifying type)
Roads and streets:—
New roads
Road or street widening
Works of street improvement
Sea Defence Works (stating, generally, their character and materials to be used)
Sewage Disposal Works:—
Brick, concrete, cast iron, glazed ware
Concrete tubes, reinforced
Steel pipes
Tramways, Tramroads, and Trackless Trolley Undertakings:-
Depôts and car sheds
Permanent way—
(a) Public road lines
(b) Separate track on sleepers
Electrical equipment—
(a) Posts and overhead wires
(b) Cables and feeders
(c) Generating plant
Cast iron
Concrete or other material (specifying material)
Impounding (with earth or masonry dams)
Service (specifying nature of construction)
Pumping machinery
Sterilisation plant
Wells or other works
*Purchase of water undertakings where the price has been fixed
*The Estimate should be accompanied by an Engineer's Report as to age, extent, condition, and value of the works, divided under suitable headings.—[The Chairman of Ways and Means.]