HC Deb 08 April 1925 vol 182 cc2343-4

To the provisions which may be made by an Order or Orders under Section five of the principal Act shall be added: (f) A provision declaring the person in whose favour the Order is made to be the tenant of the premises where both husband and wife have heretofore resided (which provision while in force shall make it lawful to exclude therefrom that person's husband or wife, as the case may be).


  1. (1) that no such provision shall be made without the consent of the landlord notified in writing to the Court;
  2. (2) that nothing herein contained shall affect the landlord's right upon any lawful ground to recover possession of his premises from the person declared by the Court to be his tenant.

Viscountess ASTOR

I suppose, in view of what has been said, that I shall nave to drop this new Clause, but I cannot do so without a protest. This Bill is supposed to help a woman, and we are here dealing only with bad husbands, with husbands who have had to be dealt with by the Court. I know the difficulty is with the Home Office and some of the officials there. They are always frightened. It is no good giving women maintenance unless they have furniture in the home.