HC Deb 06 April 1925 vol 182 cc1833-4
95. Mr. DALTON

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury what are the grounds on which the Treasury approve the creation of a post as principal assistant secretary; how many of these posts had been authorised on the 1st January last in the Ministries of Health, Labour, and Pensions; what was the number of assistant secretaries then allowed in the same Ministries; on what date was authority given for a second principal assistant secretary in the Ministry of Pensions; and to what extent had the subordinate staff of that Department fallen from its highest point at the time?


Posts of principal assistant secretary are approved by the Treasury in the light of the responsibilities required to be discharged in such cases. As the information asked for in the remainder of the question involves a number of figures, I will, with the hon. Member's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the information:

The number of authorised posts of the grade of principal assistant secretary and of assistant secretary in the Ministries mentioned in the question on the 1st January last was as folows:

Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Labour.

Ministry of Pensions.

A few other posts in these Departments are remunerated on the same scales, but do not properly belong to the above grades.

Authority was given for the second post of principal assistant secretary in the Ministry of Pensions on 13th October, 1921. At that date the total staff of the Department, including the staff in local committee offices, which was not at that time under the direct control of the Ministry, was, approximately, 31,000, which is about 3 per cent. below the highest figure reached.