HC Deb 02 April 1925 vol 182 c1506
69. Mr. HARRIS

asked the President of the Board of Education whether any formal communication has passed between Lord Ernle, the late Chairman of the Departmental Committee on the Constitution of the University of London, and the Chairman of Convocation of the University with regard to the future of the external side of the University; and, if so, what was the nature of such communication?


The late Chairman of the Departmental Committee addressed a letter to the Chairman of Convocation on 27th January last inviting Convocation to give evidence before the Committee. In the course of that letter it was stated that the Committee hoped that Convocation would not undertake the labour of preparing and giving evidence on the general question of the continuance of the external examinations conducted by the University, because, in the view of the whole Committee, those examinations had in the past served, and would in the future serve, a useful purpose.


Am I to understand that there is no truth in the attacks which were made on external students at the last Election in connection with the University; and may I take it that there is no reason to fear that the position of the external students will be attacked or interfered with?


I do not think I am called upon to reply to the election addresses issued at the last Election.