HC Deb 02 April 1925 vol 182 cc1484-5

asked the Minister of Pensions whether any change has been made in the functions and duties of the principal officers of the Ministry since the issue of the Estimates; and, if so, will he furnish particulars of the changes made and the economies resulting there from, if any?


asked the Minister of Pensions whether the system of personal access by heads of Departments to the Minister and Permanent Secretary has been abrogated in the Ministry of Pensions; whether he has approved of a scheme of re-organisation among the principal officers; and, if so, will he state what are the new designations of the principal officers and their duties, and what was the designation of each officer in February and his duties prior to the change of titles and duties?

Lieut.-Colonel STANLEY

I am sorry that a somewhat lengthy and detailed reply is necessary. There has been no change in the system of personal access by heads of divisions to my right hon. Friend the Minister, or to the Permanent Secretary. The right hon. Gentleman the Member for West Bromwich informed the hon. Member for Rotherhithe on the 13th March, 1924, that he personally consulted heads of divisions whenever he considered it necessary to do so, and I can assure the hon. Member that my right hon. Friend does the same.

Opportunity has been taken on the retirement of the Financial Assistant Secretary to bring abort some simplification and enonomy in the organisation of the headquarters staff. The posts of Director-General of Awards and Deputy Director-General of Awards have been abolished with an immediate saving of £2,668 a year. The new arrangement will enable my right hon. Friend to effect further economies later.

The post of Financial Assistant Secretary lapses, and the former Director-General of Awards has been appointed to a new post of Accountant-General. The duties attaching to this post are responsibility for technical advice upon financial matters, together with the control of the accounts branches and the control of the technical work of issue office. Other duties formerly attaching to the post of Financial Assistant Secretary have been divided between the Permanent Secretary and Principal Assistant Secretary. The Deputy-Director-General of Awards has been appointed to fill a vacancy which existed for an assistant secretary to take charge of awards. The title of Director of Accounts has been changed to Deputy-Accountant-General and Director of Accounts. There has been no material change in this officer's functions. A post of Deputy-Assistant Secretary (Finance) will become redundant, and the officer filling this post has been appointed as Director of Medical Contracts and Supplies.