HC Deb 27 May 1924 vol 174 cc206-7

asked the Secretary for Scotland whether he is aware that, although the ratepayers in the Highland counties of Scotland have to pay high rates for the upkeep of roads for the benefit of motorists, they are frequently unable to obtain for themselves the ordinary transport facilities which are necessary for the development of their land; and whether he can state when the Board of Agriculture will be prepared favourably to consider the schemes for the construction of agricultural roads at Portlovorchy, and between Tarbert, Fanagmore, and Findlemore, recently submitted to them by the Road Board of Sutherland?

The SECRETARY for SCOTLAND (Mr. William Adamson)

I am aware of the position regarding road rates in the Highland counties, but I would remind the hon. and gallant Member that large contributions to the cost of maintenance are made from the Road Fund, and that the benefit of the roads does not accrue exclusively to any one class of users. With regard to the second part of the question, the Board, owing to the heavy commitments on the limited funds which they have available for assisting such works, are unable at present to offer grants in respect of these proposals. Particulars of the applications, however, have been noted for further consideration in the allocation of grants made by the Board in future.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that these contributions of which he speaks from Government funds all involve further expenditure by as ratepayers in the Highland counties for the kind of road that they do not re quire, and cannot they be given these facilities for making roads in the country districts which they do require for the work of their small holdings?

Viscount CURZON

Is it not the fact that some of those ratepayers benefit very largely from the motorists who visit that part of the country?


Would Silvertown have equal consideration?


That is a matter for debate.