HC Deb 22 May 1924 vol 173 cc2385-6
23. Lieut.-Colonel JAMES

asked the Home Secretary whether there is any intention of taking proceedings in regard to the Mammoth Derby Labour Subscription Draw, promoted by the Bootle Trades Council and Labour Party, tickets for which are advertised as being circulated amongst organisations affiliated to the Labour party only?


I am informed by the Chief Constable that he has arranged to caution the principal promoters that this sweepstake is illegal, and that further action will expose them to proceedings. I gather that tickets are being sold to the public.

Lieut.-Colonel JAMES

Did the chief constable arrange to caution the other people who have been prosecuted, and whose correspondence has been seized, on a similar charge?

Captain Viscount CURZON

Is the action which the right hon. Gentleman is taking in this case exactly the same as, or is it different in any particular from, the action taken in respect of the Conservative Club at Otley?


I am not aware that there is any difference in the treatment of the two cases.

Lieut.-Colonel JAMES

Was the Conservative Club at Otley cautioned in the same way as this Mammoth Bootle organisation has been cautioned?

Viscount CURZON

Are you pinching their letters?


If no proceedings are taken by the police locally, will the right hon. Gentleman exercise his power and himself institute proceedings in a higher Court?


I am prepared to treat this case as the other case has been treated. I am not going to make any distinction, whatever be the colour of the party concerned.