HC Deb 20 May 1924 vol 173 c2009

asked the Minister of Transport in respect of each of the electrical undertakings purchasable in 1931 by the London County Council, if and when since 1918 any increase was made in their power to charge; what the amount of such charges was before and after the increases; and if any application has been made for revision of such charges?


The only electricity undertaking of the nature referred to in which an increase in the maximum price chargeable by the undertakers has been authorised is that under the City of London Electric Lighting Order, 1899. The maximum prices originally authorised by that Order were as follows: (a) For general supply 5d. per unit up to a prescribed quantity, and 4d. per unit for all further units; (b) For motive power 3d. per unit up to a prescribed quantity, and 2d. per unit for all further units.

Increased maximum prices were authorised in October, 1918, in September, 1919, and in September, 1920, the latter, which are still in force, being a maximum of 8d. per unit for all purposes, with minimum quarterly charges of 10s. in respect of the March and December quarters and 6s. 8d. for the June and September quarters. Applications have recently been made to the Minister by the Corporation of the City of London and by consumers through the London Chamber of Commerce for a revision downwards of the present maximum prices. These applications are under consideration.