HC Deb 19 May 1924 vol 173 cc1818-9


Alliance of Honour (Conference on Moral Education).

Associated Advertising Clubs of the World (International Advertising Convention).

British Engineers' Association.

British Federation of University Women.

British Legion.

British Women's Temperance Association.

British Glasshouse Produce Marketing Association.

British Israel World Federation.

British Drama League.

British Confederation of Arts.

British Missionary Societies (Conference for Teachers on Life in other Lands) (Christian Missions in the Empire and Beyond).

British Science Guild (Conference on Science and Labour).

Cremation Society of England.

Charity Organisation Society.

College of Nursing.

Central Association for Mental Welfare.

World Power Conference.

Eugenics Education Society.

Empire Mining and Metallurgical Congress.

Faraday Society (physico-chemical problems relating to textile fabrics).

Gas Association.

Health Propaganda Association (Conference on Cancer and Health).

Horace Plunkett Foundation and Presidents of the English, Irish, Scotch and Welsh Agricultural Organisation Societies (Conference on Agricultural Co-operation in the British Empire).

India Society (Conference on Indian Art).

International Council of Women.

Industrial Christian Fellowship (Women's Section).

Industrial Christian Fellowship (Men's Section).

Incorporated Federated Associations of Boot and Shoe Manufacturers of Great Britain and Ireland.

Imperial Studies Committee (Conference on Imperial Education).

Institution of Automobile Engineers.

Institution of Municipal and County Engineers.

Illuminating Engineers' Society.

Incorporated Municipal Electrical Association.

Institute of Transport.

League of Nations Union.

London School of Dalcroze Eurhythmies.

Museums Association.

Missionary Settlement for University Women.

National Baby Week Council.

National Council of Women of Great Britain and Ireland (British National Council of Women).

National Council of Women of Canada.

National Council for Combating Venereal Disease.

National Children Adoption Association.

National Association of Goldsmiths.

Parents' National Education Union.

People's League of Health.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Royal Ancient Order of Buffaloes.

Sociological Society and British Section International Association of Labour Legislation (Conference on British Empire and International Labour Legislation).

Society of Dyers and Colourists.

School of Oriental Studies and Sociological Society (Conference on Living Religions within the Empire).

Textile Institute (Imperial Textile Conference).

The British Institute of Industrial Art (Conference on Industrial Art).

Universal Fellowship Conferences (Women's Housing Council, etc.), (Conference on Social Work in the New Age).

Women's House Property Managers.

World's Evangelical Alliance.

Women's International League.

Young Women's Christian Association of Great Britain.

Zenana Bible Medical Mission.